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Supplier Diversity



Supplier diversity is a business strategy that ensures a diverse supplier base in the procurement of goods and services for any business or organization. It emphasizes the creation of a diverse supply chain that works to secure the inclusion of diverse groups in the procurement plans for government, not-for-profits, and private industry. Working with diverse suppliers like National Office Works:


    • Promotes innovation through the entrance of new products, services, and solutions
    • Provides multiple channels from which to procure goods and services
    • Drives competition (on price and service levels) between the company’s existing and potential vendors
    • Allows a company to take advantage of new opportunities for business expansion with the emergence of new consumer needs based upon shifting demographic realities
    • Displays an organization’s commitment to doing business, beyond consumerism, in diverse markets
    • Showcases the company’s interest in and commitment to the economic growth of all communities
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